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PCSmiles is a platform dedicated to providing the best products, services, and organization, with a focus on dependability, hand-made products, life and career development, NGO, and social assistance.

We are dedicated to leveraging our passion to benefit society in the long run. We hope you find our work enjoyable, as we take pleasure in offering it to you.

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Our Founders

SmileShine’s are very dedicated and passionate about their Vision. They are experienced experts who have gathered knowledge by working on every unit from the scratch and overcoming all challenges and problems.



Shine is a Software Engineer who is gradually shifting towards more dynamic things by embarking on an entrepreneur journey. He wants to come out of his comfort zone and try different things in life apart from his career path.



Smile has obtained a well-qualified MBA education from a reputable college and joined hands with Shine to work on a shared Vision. She is looking forward to utilizing her skills and making this company successful by providing ease in the system and process in every unit.

Unit’s Head

Over 5+ years of Experience

Our team is specialized in various units. Their attention and dedication have enabled us to work on several departments.

Shine n rISE
Pooja Kumari
Amit Kumar
peace n hope
Aakansha Raj
ecomm n bizz

Make the world a better place!

We want you to select the right things and consume unique, high-quality products and services in all three areas: life, career, and business, which will add value to your life.